Do you have photographs from when you or your family lived in Temescal that you would like preserved for posterity? Perhaps you have materials relating to the history of your Temescal business, school, church, social club, or block party? If so, we invite you to submit them to this collection, and, in doing so, add your part of Temescal’s unique story.

The types of documents we welcome include:

Photographs, Letters, Postcards Maps
Newspaper clippings, Brochures, School programs Flyers
Invoices, House plans, Receipts, Advertisements

You can choose to donate your original documents, or we can make digital copies of them and return the originals to you (our preference). Any future public use by Shared Ground of material we receive from you will acknowledge you or your family, and you will retain all copyrights that apply.

Keep in mind that documents which you might consider to have no relevance to Temescal often can reveal something important about the neighborhood.

The process of sharing your Temescal-related material is simple, and begins by your emailing to us a fillable PDF form and your digital document (ideally scanned at 300 dpi). Please use one form per document.

Email these two documents to:

Shared Ground will confirm receipt of your email and follow up with any questions we might have. While we welcome your contribution, we reserve the right to accept or reject all or part of it according to our assesssment of its relevance to Temescal history, the nature of your document description, or the appropriateness of your submission to the community of users of this website. Please refer to the Legal page for a full description of our Terms of Use.