Polytechnic High School c1906

The forerunner to Oakland Technical High School, 12th and Market streets, Oakland, Calif.

Date of Document:
circa 1906

Document Author:

Geographic Location:
12th Street and Market Street, Oakland, Calif.

"Oakand Technical High School is the City's oldest public high school. (Oakland High, founded in 1869 is the City's first.) The school began in 1896 as the Central Grammar school, located in the former Oakland High building at 12th and Market streets. Offering manual and commercial training, as well as academic subjects, the school was a pioneer in California in providing vocational education. Initially offering courses only to ninth graders, the school soon added further grades, and, in 1900, changed its name to Central High School. In 1901, reflecting the school's curriculum of vocational training, the name was changed to Polytechnic High School. in 1906, the name was changed to "Manual Training and Commercial High School. Upon completion of the new school on Broadway, between 42nd and 45th streets, the school acquired its current name Oakland Technical High School." [from exhibit caption]

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