Oakland Tech HS c1918

A wide-angle view of Oakland Technical High School (looking southwesterly), from the intersection of Broadway and 45th Street, Temescal district, Oakland, Calif. Note the tracks curving toward and continuing up Whitmore Street (possibly leading to the Bilger Quarry, where The Ridge shopping center stands today).

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Date of Document:
circa 1918

Document Author:
Unknown (logo and negative number on front lower right corner)

Geographic Location:
Broadway and 45th Street, Oakland, Calif.

Designed by locally prominent architect, John J. Donovan, Oakland Technical High School opened in 1915, replacing a technical high school that had been near downtown Oakland. Through the efforts of students, faculty, alumni and members of the community, the Oakland Unified School District s plan to demolish the school in the 1970s was aborted in favor of renovation and seismic upgrades. Oakland Technical High School was designated a City of Oakland Landmark in 1985.

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