Woodrow Wilson Jr High c1920

Gymnasium, Woodrow Wilson Junior High School, 48th Sreet. between Webster Street and Telegraph Avenue, Temescal district, Oakland Calif. Caption: "Erected from proceeds of 1919 Bond Issue. One assembly-play hall, 1 shop, 1 gymnasium."

Date of Document:
circa 1920

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Geographic Location:
48th Street and Webster Street, Oakland Calif.

Several schools stood on this one-square-block site. The two-story Temescal School was constructed in 1887 at the corner of 48th Street and Webster Street (formerly Cherry Street). During the 1910s and early 1920s, the school housed the forerunner of University High School (which in 1923 moved into a new building on Grove Street now Martin Luther King Jr. Way which later became Merritt Community College, and in 1999, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute). Meanwhile, a new grade school, Emerson Elementary, was built in 1913 on 49th Street between Shafter Avenue and Lawton Avenue. Through bond issues of 1919 and 1924, a new building Mosswood Jr. High School, facing 48th Street, was constructed in 1923 to the west of the original school house, and In 1926, the building was expanded and renamed Woodrow Wilson Jr. High School. Woodrow Wilson was demolished in the early 1980s and replaced with the one-story Verdese Carter Middle School, built on the southeast corner of the school property, near the corner of Webster and 45th streets. Carter closed in 2006, and Oakland International High School, a program of the Oakland Unified School District, opened the following year. [Jennifer Dowling and Jeff Norman note]

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