Emerson-Halloween 1957

Kit Baxter (age 5), dressed as an Indian, in the Halloween parade held in the play yard of Emerson Elementary School, 385 49th Street, Temescal district, Oakland Calif. Kit's mother, Jeanne, made the top, which Kit's sister Terry previously wore. The feathers in the headdress, which came from Arizona, were orange and purple, with a little white. The Baxters lived at 443 43rd Street. [Terry Hatcher (neé Baxter) note]

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385 49th Street, Oakland, Calif.

There had been a public elementary school at a different location in Temescal prior to the completion in 1913 of this facility on the block bounded by 45th Street, Shafter Avenue, 49th Street, and Lawton Avenue. The Oakland School District paid a total of $212,260 for the land ($49,016) and construction of the building ($163,244). The school was designed by architect John Galen Howard and supervising architect, John J. Donovan (architect of the Board of Education). The building was demolished in 1978, and a new school and children's center were erected that year on the former playground. The contract for the new school, totaling $1,928,400, was part of the Oakland school district s earthquake safety program. The plan included 13 new classrooms, a multi-purpose room, library, teachers lounge, administrative offices, playground, and a kitchen. An attached children s center was to include four classrooms, a dining area, and offices.

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