Rockridge School class photo 1960

Sixth grade class photo, Rockridge Elementary School was located at 5263 Broadway Terrace (across the street from the California College of Arts and Crafts), Oakland, Calif. Terry Hatcher (neé Baxter) is in the third row, far right. Terry attended Rockridge Elementary for the second half of 6th grade only, in a program for gifted children. The new program originally opened at Hillcrest Elementary, but moved to Rockridge School for the second half of the year after portables were built to replace the original school building. Terry was the only student in the program who had come from Emerson Elementary. Sharon Williams (bottom row, 3rd from left) lived on Manila Avenue, near Hudson Street. [Terry Hatcher note]

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5263 Broadway Terrace, Oakland, Calif.

Following the closure of Rockridge Elementary School in 1989, the Oakland Unified School District opened Far West High School also an arts magnet school on the campus. In 2011, due to falling enrollment, OUSD closed several schools, including Far West, which was absorbed into nearby Oakland Technical High School.

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