Woodrow Wilson JH diploma 1939

Michael Ghiorso s 1939 diploma from Woodrow Wilson Junior High School, 48th Street and Webster Street, Temescal district, Oakland, Calif.

Date of Document:
June 16,1939

Document Author:
Oakland Public Schools

Geographic Location:
48th Street and Webster Street, Oakland, Calif.

Partners Mike Ghiorso and his brother-in-law Angelo Graziano bought an existing hardware store at 5008 Telegraph Avenue in 1946 and changed the name to G&G Hardware and Plumbing. Mike primarily operated the plumbing side of the business, while Angelo oversaw the store. After Angelo and his wife Annabelle's ("Anne") young daughter, Sharon, enrolled in school, Anne began to work in the store. Eventually, Sharon joined the family business. After Angelo's sudden death circa 1990, Mike, Anne, and Sharon ran the business until it closed in December 2003 when the landlord would not renew their month-to-month lease. Mike died August 3, 2005 at the age of 81.

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