Telegraph 46th St 2014

Telegraph Avenue at 46th Street (looking south), Temescal district, Oakland, Calif.

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Jeff Norman

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Telegraph Avenue and 46th Street, Oakland, Calif.

The Original Kasper s Hot Dogs was founded in Oakland in 1929 by Armenian-born Kasper Koojoolian. In 1943, he relocated the business to a former gas station at 4521 Telegraph Avenue, at the gore of Shattuck Avenue and Telegraph Avenue where the two streets converge. After Kasper Koojoolian died, in 1946, his son-in-law, Harry Yaglijian, who for years had been employed as a gemcutter, took over the business. Eventually, Harry s son, Little Harry, began helping out at Kasper s. In 1997, the younger Harry assumed management of Kasper s, and ran it until 2002, when he closed it for major repairs."The Price of a hot dog in 1950 was 20 cents." [Ray Raineri note]This photograph was expressly taken to match the scene of an earlier photograph. See Telegraph 46th St c1967

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